Amway partners with Habitat in Latin America

Mar 08, 2011

The only thing that could get volunteer builders in Guatemala to give up their well-worn shovels was a ceremony to break ground on 40 new houses.

So 85 Amway employees and distributors from North America, Central America and South America took a break from their work in Huite to ride a yellow school bus across crowded city streets and open farm lands to visit the site of Usumatlan, a new Habitat for Humanity community that will be named after Amway.

This would be the kickoff of a new partnership between Amway Latin America and Habitat for Humanity that will stretch across 10 countries. Amway distributors will join first-time homeowners to put their sweat and love into building homes for families over the next five years.

Amway purchased the land in Guatemala, doubling the gift of Amway distributor group eFinity and leader Tim Foley, whose funds will be used toward the construction and volunteer support. The next country programs will be in Colombia and Brazil, where recent flooding has wiped out the homes of many people in slum areas, who will benefit from a lasting home that they will own.

This is a new partnership for Amway, but it isn’t new from some distributors. Stay tuned this week to hear about how Amway leaders were inspired to get involved in home building through the Amway One by One Camapign.

Surveying the land

The groundbreaking

Tim Foley, Amway distributor and founder of eFinity

Huite build site, which Teculután will resemble next year

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