Watching Japan day by day

Mar 16, 2011

We’ve been watching our emails closely in the early morning and the late night, monitoring each and every update from our colleagues in Japan.

They report that the situation is fluid and changes hour by hour, with 55 earthquakes reported yesterday, several that were not even in the original epicenter.

The Amway Japan Tokyo facilities have been closed except for essential operations, but will reopen in just a few hours on Thursday morning.

The good news is that Amway Affiliates are mobilizing around the world to help our friends in Japan, following the initial commitment of 100 million yen from Amway headquarters.

In the United States, Amway employees and distributors can donate to the American Red Cross on our website. In many other countries, similar collection sites are set up online and at local centers. Some affiliates are even making additional donations.

There is little we can do but watch, pray, and give. I hope you will join us.


    • Gan Sing Fang says:

      Dear Jesse,

      Good day to you. This is Sing Fang from Malaysia, thank you for update us the latest info from Japan. Im honoured to be a Amway Distributor. I hope Amway Malaysia also set up the online donation, so that we can also donate to help Japan.

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Dear Sing Fang, I hope you were able to participate in the collection of funds that Amway Malaysia organized through the Red Crescent Society. Thank you for your support of our friends and colleagues in Japan.

    • Ow Yang Yeow Hoong says:

      Dear Sing Fang, I am also Amway Distributor. You can donate to Japan through Amway Malaysia HQ, RDC and shops.

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Thank you for sharing! JH

    • Anh, TranVan says:

      Dear Jesse,
      Nice to see you in Japan,My name’s Anh from Vietnam.
      I plan to travel to Japan in Jun end, hope to be able to contact with you there.
      Anyway, could you also introduce to me friends in Amway Japan?So that we will be friends in future.


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