Earning trust

Mar 25, 2011

For people to believe a piece of information about a specific company, 59% of them need to hear it 3-5 times before they truly believe it, proving that trust is still something to be earned.

According to the annual 2011 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust has shifted from something companies would like to have, to something companies must have. In 2010, trust became more than a quality, but an essential line of business.

Globally, trust in business, government, non-governmental organizations, and media have all increased from 2010. However, when segmented by country, China and Brazil recorded large increases in trust while the United States declined in all four categories.

The study concluded that in order to earn trust and reputation, “businesses must align profit and purpose for social benefit.” A majority (69%) believe that providing high quality products and services is the most important factor of corporate reputation, but 51% of respondents agree that corporate citizenship is equally imperative.

Here at Amway, we agree as we maintain our Amway One by One Campaign and continue to log millions of volunteer hours (2.3 million to be exact). Our employees and distributors around the world are constantly using their resources to benefit their communities.

Even if it takes three, four, or five times – trust is something we hope to continue to earn.

Thanks to Samantha Bourque for contributing this post.

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