Some time out of the office

Mar 28, 2011

We recently heard about a volunteer day at our Amway offices in New Zealand. When we asked for details, we got some great stories:

“We spent the day encouraging shoppers to support CanTeen, an organization that helps teenagers with cancer. While there, we met a girl called Jessie who was wearing a lot of beads – each bead represents a treatment she had been through such as chemotherapy, radiation, spinal taps etc. The beads took on a whole new meaning for us as Jessie told us what each one represented and the amount she wore was overwhelming. She also had another big jar of beads at home. I felt very proud to be an Amway employee and help such a worthwhile cause.”   — Helen Kowhai, Knowledge Management Coordinator

“We put on Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals uniforms and carried collection buckets to a shopping mall to collect donations. There was a lady with a little girl who saw us standing there. I waited for her to come because I could see her debating in her mind whether to approach me. I smiled at her and she came towards me and took her old purse out. It didn’t look like it had much money in it. She started to apologize and said, ‘That’s all I have – only 10 cents on me. I am really sorry.’ She did seem like someone who was having a hard time in life, yet she was willing to give the last 10 cents in her purse. I will never forget their big smiles on their faces.”   — Eman Aoun, Accounts Payable

“We stood at a major crossing for four hours and asked people to purchase a bandanna, hand sanitizer or wrist bands for CanTeen. We asked every single person that walked past, even those on bicycles and skateboards. This was the strategy to our success, as the old saying goes—if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Our money box was getting so heavy towards the end of the day that we were getting a sore wrist. It was a great day helping a great cause. Helping people live better lives – the Amway way.”   — Leah Walker, Product Marketer

Thanks to Simon Bennett for gathering these stories.


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    • Gay RB says:

      Fabulous to hear you all enjoying helping others,
      great initiative!
      Cheers Gay in Perth

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