Visiting a school for the blind in India

Apr 01, 2011

Sandy Limmex from Global Marketing recently visited some Amway One by One projects in India and shares her experience.

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) Centre of Excellence, supported through the Amway Opportunity Foundation. I had little idea what I was about to see with my own eyes, which many visitors only “see” with their other senses.

We were greeted by Ms. Shivali Kathuria, who is an amazing woman with incredible passion for the visually challenged. She began as a volunteer at the AICB and never went back to her corporate career. She told us, “I am not doing a job … I am living my passion.” She says that AICB seeks to narrow the gap between the sited and the non-sited world.

The Amway Opportunity Foundation has provided computers and special software with speech synthesizers that convert text to speech, allowing the students to listen as they navigate the keyboard and the internet. The computer lab enables the students to gain entry level jobs in the government or the private sector—narrowing the gap.

The students listened to the software speaking so fast, I had to ask what language the program used. It was English! They listened at such a speed, I could not keep up.

We were delighted to hear that one graduate of the program is employed by Amway India as a Customer Service representative. Ranjana Rana accurately and effectively answers Distributor’s questions and meets their needs. She is now recognized among top performing staff.

I can see that the AICB, with help from the Amway Opportunity Foundation, is giving the non-sited world the skills and confidence they need to succeed. I was incredibly inspired and blessed by the work and students at the AICB.

Kurt Neubauer, Raj Narain, Dana Boals, Sandy Limmex, Susan Leen, Shivali Kathuria

Dana Boals with Ranjana Rana

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    • jayachandran says:

      Great job,we want supports for disabled childrens!

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