The status of Amway distributors in Japan

Apr 12, 2011

Information regarding Amway distributors who were affected by the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan has been extremely difficult to obtain. Currently, Amway Japan estimates 104 distributor fatalities, 467 distributors who have sustained significant damage to or lost their homes and 416 distributors who have been evacuated from Fukushima.

John Parker, Managing Director of Amway Japan, reports that he and his team have completed distributor meetings in every prefecture along the northeastern coast that was hit by the tsunami. At the meetings, the Amway staff has been gathering information from the distributors about their downlines. It will be months before we have accurate totals.

Following is a letter that puts things in perspective. It’s from a Japanese distributor in the affected area, who delivered a piggy bank filled with coins and bank notes to John Parker. The people who delivered it are are suffering from losing their family, or friends, or homes. But they want to use the money to help people who are in even more severe situations.


Dear Mr. John Parker

Thank you for today. This money is something we have raised to support the people who are in great needs.

Originally, it was money I saved for One by One since last September.

In the past, I used to give out catalogues to my new friends for free. But since September last year, I have decided to start collecting money and donate that money to One by One.

In addition, this contains money from people who have been affected by the earthquake that came over to use our bath and left some donation in return.

Moreover it contains money donated in return for the product that the people in Yamaguchi sent us. After the earthquake, people in Yamaguchi (I was able to video-phone with Matsumura-san as well as many others who gathered for us including those who I have never met) came together and brought Amway products from their home and donated the products to us.

I have given out these products to those who came over to my house asking for Amway products and they have also made contribution to this donation.

We are alive. We can eat warm food. But still, there are so many people in great need. Please make use of this money for such people. Although it’s not much, I am hoping this money can support those who have been afflicted.

This time, I have been helped by many people and by Amway. I will always be grateful to all the people and we will all work together to do our best!

Hideko Yoshida (representing the group)


    • ASK says:

      Wow. This man shows a spirit of strength and generosity that I need to learn from.
      Prayers to all in Japan.

    • Mohan Regmi says:

      yes!!!that’s the spirit of having dream and ultimate commitment. Salute you and your accomplishment. keep on going. now i got all the answers….thanks Alot

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