A mission of mercy

Apr 13, 2011

Ruth Carlson grew up as a missionary kid in the African country of Nigeria. When she met her husband Stu and they began raising their two children, Caroline and Paul, they knew they wanted their children to experience the ways of life of others around the world.

So they moved their entire family from the United States to Nigeria. Ruth began teaching English at a local school, while the family began helping at Ministry of Mercy, the orphanage Ruth’s mother has owned for 25 years.

With help from their US Amway business, the family stayed for eight years caring and interacting with orphaned children. They built relationships and gave children the love and support they wouldn’t normally have. Their experience even inspired Caroline to write a song about a relationship she developed with one of the baby boys.

After moving back to the United States, the family is still trying to gain support for the ministry.

“We are so blessed to have been able to share a wider world view with our children.”

Thanks to Samantha Bourque for contributing to this story. Learn more at achievemagazine.com.

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