Who are the role models for young girls?

Apr 29, 2011

Today Kate Middleton joins a royal family as she (very publicly) marries Prince William of England.

What kind of role model will she be to young girls?

Amway recently sponsored a poll of 1,000 UK women. They found that a majority of 54% felt they did not look up to anyone as a good role model.

An overwhelming  81% felt that more could be done to inspire a younger generation about business and careers. Asked who should take responsibility for that, parents (62%) and school teachers (61%) came out top overall. Personality universally ranked first in the list of qualities that appeals, and they most admire in a role model, followed by intelligence, attitude and motivation.

Last week, Amway UK kicked of a hunt for “Britain’s Top Real Role Model” at www.britainstoprealrolemodel.co.uk, to help fill the preceived gap in the prominence of “real” role models in business.

Through this program, Amway will identify and recognize the stories and achievements of budding entrepreneurs in all walks of business life to positively inspire and empower young people.

Thanks to Karin Schmid for contributing to this article.

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