From Russia with Futbalishka

May 02, 2011

Score: 3 to 3

The match between the Russians and Italians ends in a draw.

This was the culmination of the Equal in Sport program we introduced in January. Ten youth from the team “Futbalishka” in Moscow beat out seven other Russian teams to earn a trip to meet the world-famous AC Milan soccer team in Italy.

The players in the program have a range of physical abilities. Half would be considered disabled, but for this program, they blended with their friends from mainstream teams.

While in Italy, Team Futbalishka watched an AC Milan game and visited the locker rooms to meet the players. They also received special training at the AC Milan Academy Junior Summer Camp.

Later, a game between Russian Futbalishka and the Italian AC Milan Junior Team ended in a 3-to-3 tie. 

For Futbalishka, it was not Veni Vidi Vici. Instead, they would say: We came. We played. We won together.


Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen for contributing to this story.


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