Sidewalk chalk masterpieces

May 13, 2011

Art comes in many forms. It could be a painting, or a poem, or it could be swirled sidewalk chalk on a playground.

At the 25th Annual Very Special Arts (VSA) Festival, 1,300 students found out what art was to them. 

VSA of Grand Rapids works to bring art to students with disabilities. Art helps build self-confidence and personal satisfaction and breaks down emotional and psychological barriers, allowing these students to grow in and out of the classroom.

Last Friday, more than 1,300 students from West Michigan participated in the Festival, where they created and performed in mediums like pottery, dance, sidewalk chalk and miming. They used art tools made specifically for their needs.

Amway employees joined 500 other volunteers from schools and arts organizations around the city to help run the Festival. More than 40 activities allowed the students to experience art in many forms.

Because sometimes, even sidewalk chalk creates a masterpiece. 

See photos on the VSAGR Facebook page. Thanks to Samantha Bourque for submitting this story.

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