1 day, 64 cities

May 16, 2011

How do you coordinate activities across 64 projects in as many cities throughout India?

Give them a date. Give them a mission. Let them loose. 

That’s what happened on May 5, when the Amway Opportunity Foundation set a day aside to volunteer and give to children, working through partners across the country.

At Amway India’s head office in Delhi, every department from HR to IT to Marketing and Finance participated. More than 25 volunteers visited 70 children at the Deepalaya School.

Amway leaders Arvind Kalra and Yoginder Singh joined senior Amway Business Owners Rashmi and Sushil Pachnanda, and Harpeet Kaur and Bhupinder Jeet Singh to host the event.

The team gifted notebooks, toys and lunch boxes, and introduced magic shows, games and storytelling for the kids.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the space to tell 63 more stories, but each carried its own energy, enthusiasm and dedication to supporting children in need.

Thanks to Raj Narain for contributing to this post.




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    • srikanth panjala says:

      i thank you 2 amway india

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