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Kurt Warner and Amway One by One

Thursday, 30 June, 2011

We are fortunate to work with some amazing athletes and ambassadors around the world through our Nutrilite and Artistry brands.

Many of these spokespeople take an immediate interest in the Amway One by One campaign. Here’s a video from Superbowl champion Kurt Warner, talking about One by One and his First Things First Foundation.


Thanks to Marsha Champion for sharing this story.

A happy trail to the finish line

Tuesday, 28 June, 2011

Hugs, smiles and cheers accompany athletes on their way to the finish line at the Special Olympics Games.

Special Olympics helps people with intellectual disabilities participate in sports competitions in their community. The athletes build self-confidence by proving their own capabilities and demonstrating discipline. 

Michigan has one of the largest programs in the US. More than 18,000 athletes of all ages participate each year.

For years, Amway has participated in Michigan Special Olympics spring and state summer games. Every summer, we send a bus full of volunteers to help out.

Some Special Olympics athletes are extremely gifted and others work hard just to reach the finish line. But on their way, every participant gets a smile and a hug, and has an eager group of family members and volunteers to cheer them on to the end.

Thanks to Jency Schnettler for submitting this story.

A ripple begins in Indonesia

Wednesday, 22 June, 2011

We’ve been talking a lot about the ripple effect lately … how a single act inspires others, like a pebble dropped in a pond. Here’s one example from Indonesia, where the Amway Care Foundation (Yayasan Amway Peduli) decided to partner Dharmais Hospital and Yayasan Pita Kuning, a cancer foundation, on various programs related to cancer in early childhood.


This partnership inspired programs like hospital ward renovation and an ambulance donation, inspiring Amway distributors volunteer their time.


Amway then collaborated with the University of Tarumanegara’s School of Medicine and School of Communications to organize and sponsored a seminar about childhood cancer. Pediatricians and a famous rapper were invited to discuss the issues and to promote healthy lifestyles. More than 150 students and faculty from the University of Tarumanegara attended the seminar.


It is project sparked an idea among the students to collect funds. For one whole month, they raised money to donate to the cause. And it inspired a group of Amway employees and distributors to visit patients in Dharmais Hospital.

And who knows where the next ripple will emerge.


Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen for contributing this story. See photos on the Yayasan Amway Peduli Facebook page.


Follow-up post … adding a couple more photos that Amway India shared with us on this successful program and some of the Amway distributors now participating. Thanks to Riana Nurwulan!

First garden planted, more to come

Monday, 20 June, 2011

With many hands and smiles, Boys & Girls Clubs of America kicked of the second year of the Amway Positive Sprouts garden program in Clifton New Jersey.

The rain didn’t stop 100 club members, parents, board members and Amway volunteers. Even the Mayor of Clifton pitched in to build a beautiful garden.

We look forward to four more great gardens this year, where you can look forward to some special guests: 

Troy, Michigan on June 25th

Cypress, California on August 13th

Sun Coast, Florida on September 17th

Santa Monica, California on September 24th

See more photos on our Facebook site.

After destruction, hope

Friday, 17 June, 2011

It takes a tornado a few seconds to destroy a town … and it takes a few hands to put it back together.

During the recent Memorial Day holiday weekend, more than 40 Amway employee volunteers and family members put their hands to work with the National Relief Network. They traveled to Merrill, Wisconsin, the scene of a vicious tornado that tore through the town this spring.

The team cleaned up homes and yards by picking up over 500 fallen trees. They helped many families begin the cleaning–and healing–process by returning yards to their original state and allowing for the replanting of every tree that was lost.

The Amway Relief Team has been responding to disasters since 1993. Some make big news, like Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 attacks. Others barely are soon forgotten, but not by this team.

While it may take the residents of Merrill months to fully recover, the helping hands of Amway volunteers gave them the start they need.

“My heart goes out to anyone who has been hit by a disaster,” says Amway volunteer Linda Howorth. “If I can make one person smile and give them hope when they are overwhelmed, then it is worth it. My advice to others is that you may be only one person, but as a group we are many hands who can help.”


Thanks to Samantha Bourque and Joyce Grilley for contributing to this story.

Amway on food security panel discussion in DC

Thursday, 16 June, 2011

According to Sheila Nix from the ONE Campaign, sometimes policymakers have to see the situation on the ground to wrap their minds around 1 billion suffering from hunger around the world.

Nix kicked off a Food Security Forum hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce – Business Civic Leadership Center. Debb Kalmbach from our Global Corporate Citizenship team at Amway participated in the panel discussion to talk about “Hidden Hunger” for children lacking micronutrients. This was our first public introduction of the Nutrilite Little Bits program.


Debb talked about companies identifying an issue that they have an expertise in, then bringing people and resources to bear to make a difference.  On the panel were representatives from USAID, Wal-Mart International Trade and the World Food Programme.

Richard Leach from the World Food Programme talked about this incredible moment when there is collective agreement on all sectors as to what to do around food security, including interventions related to agriculture and nutrition. He also says the private sector is key to global development. 

We are excited to see Amway with a role to play in this global discussion.

Nutrilite Little Bits is launched!

Monday, 13 June, 2011

Last week marked a monumental moment in the life of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.

We launched our first cause global social marketing program in Mexico that leverages Amway expertise in nutrition through Nutrilite, and empowers Amway business owners to relieve malnutrition in young children.

It’s a program called Nutrilite Little Bits, and the foundation of the program is a Nutrilite micronutrient powder that parents can sprinkle over any food, giving children between six months and five years what they need to survive and thrive.

Little Bits is targeted toward children who suffer from chronic malnutrition, also called “hidden hunger” because they may be getting some food like rice or bread. However, the lack of micronutrients in their diet can lead to stunting, anemia and, sickness, and increase mortality rates.

The product was tested in 2009 and shown to dramatically reduce stunting and anemia. Other research in the micronutrient area continues to show great gains by giving children these most basic elements.

There are approximately 195 million children who suffer from stunting, and that’s our target for the Nutrilite Little Bits program. Amway Business Owners in Mexico can sponsor a child’s nutrition for six months with 555 pesos.

Plans are already underway to introduce the program to several more countries this year, and continue to offer the opportunity to the 3 million Amway distributors and employees around the world.


Second annual report launched!

Friday, 10 June, 2011

While Amway corporate citizenship efforts did not start last year, it was the first time we issued a comprehensive review of corporate social responsibility at Amway and made it available to the public.

This week, we released our second report, which provides more details and more stories of what is happening at our headquarters and around the globe.

This has been a very rewarding process. It has forced us to measure and monitor our progress, and it has shed light on some amazing stories that we may not have been aware of.

You can view the report on, or download the PDF here.

Kids gardening their way to a healthy lifestyle

Wednesday, 8 June, 2011

Q: How do you encourage kids in urban areas to eat more fruits and vegetables?

A: You can start by letting them grow, harvest and eat their own.

That’s what Amway is doing across the United States, where the Amway Positive Sprouts program just launched its second year of garden building with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

This is part of a three-year partnership launched with seven last year. Five more will be completed this year with the help of Amway employees and Independenet Business Owners, working with Boys & Girls Club members and staff.

“Our relationship with Amway was a huge success in its first year and we are excited for the opportunity to continue educating Club members on the importance of healthy eating,” said Judith J. Pickens, senior vice president for Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Program & Youth Development Services. “The Positive Sprouts program creates a fun learning environment while giving Club members access to fruits and vegetables needed to maintain a healthy diet.”

The Positive Sprouts program supports BGCA’s healthy lifestyle initiative to engage Club members in positive behaviors that nurture their own well being, set personal goals and commit to a healthy lifestyle to achieve great futures.


Thanks to Marsha Champion for sharing this story.

A breakthrough for corporate citizenship in China

Monday, 6 June, 2011

There was big news in China last week, where Amway officially launched the Amway Charity Foundation with initial funding of 100 million yuan ($15.4 million USD) and plans to help as many as 1.5 million children in the next three years.

This is the first non-public foundation established by a multinational company under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China, and will focus on assisting the children of underprivileged migrant workers.

The launch of the foundation is seen as a breakthrough in the country’s charity career development, according to Jiang li, Vice Minister of Civil Affairs. She says it will have a huge impact on the establishment of non-governmental charity foundations in the future.

As China is quickly urbanizing, young farmers flood into the cities and become migrant workers. There are nearly 20 million migrant children in China and many of them have difficulties adjusting to city life and accessing basic services. More than 58 million children are left behind in rural areas when their parents live in cities, leaving them at home in poor living and educational conditions.

The Amway Charity Foundation aims to help children from migrant worker families through existing programs like Project Sunshine, the Rainbow Project, and the Spring Sprout Project.


Thanks to Rowley Luo for contributing to this story.