Looking closer at Japan relief

Jun 03, 2011

This week, we issued payments to match donations made by Amway employees and distributors worldwide.

It’s easy to get lost in the numbers when they total over $4.4 million – until you hear some of the incredible stories of how these funds were raised and other ways people helped.

Take Sachiko Draper for example. She is an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) who lives in South Carolina. After she heard of the devastation in Japan, she donated her Amway bonus payment to the matching fund. Then, she began to reach out to Amway distributors in the disaster area in Japan.

She connected with a mother of a 6-month-old baby who was stuck in her home because authorities advised residents to stay inside to avoid radiation. She was not able to go out for groceries and was running out of baby formula, as were other mothers in the area.

Sachiko immediately bought a case of baby formula and shipped it to Japan. Surprisingly, it arrived and the young mother rode her bicycle to the post office to pick it up, after checking to make sure the wind was blowing in a direction that was not coming from the nuclear power plant, which was just 25 miles away.

The baby formula was received with joy and relief, and shared with other mothers in the area.

Sachiko began collecting and shipping more supplies to Japan, including 22 care packages to her hometownof Saitama, where 1,400 evacuees were living in the old high school.

“Many of the children have lost a family member, a pet, all their belongings and their home. I wanted to do something to make it better for them.”

And she did.

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