A breakthrough for corporate citizenship in China

Jun 06, 2011

There was big news in China last week, where Amway officially launched the Amway Charity Foundation with initial funding of 100 million yuan ($15.4 million USD) and plans to help as many as 1.5 million children in the next three years.

This is the first non-public foundation established by a multinational company under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China, and will focus on assisting the children of underprivileged migrant workers.

The launch of the foundation is seen as a breakthrough in the country’s charity career development, according to Jiang li, Vice Minister of Civil Affairs. She says it will have a huge impact on the establishment of non-governmental charity foundations in the future.

As China is quickly urbanizing, young farmers flood into the cities and become migrant workers. There are nearly 20 million migrant children in China and many of them have difficulties adjusting to city life and accessing basic services. More than 58 million children are left behind in rural areas when their parents live in cities, leaving them at home in poor living and educational conditions.

The Amway Charity Foundation aims to help children from migrant worker families through existing programs like Project Sunshine, the Rainbow Project, and the Spring Sprout Project.


Thanks to Rowley Luo for contributing to this story.

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