Nutrilite Little Bits is launched!

Jun 13, 2011

Last week marked a monumental moment in the life of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.

We launched our first cause global social marketing program in Mexico that leverages Amway expertise in nutrition through Nutrilite, and empowers Amway business owners to relieve malnutrition in young children.

It’s a program called Nutrilite Little Bits, and the foundation of the program is a Nutrilite micronutrient powder that parents can sprinkle over any food, giving children between six months and five years what they need to survive and thrive.

Little Bits is targeted toward children who suffer from chronic malnutrition, also called “hidden hunger” because they may be getting some food like rice or bread. However, the lack of micronutrients in their diet can lead to stunting, anemia and, sickness, and increase mortality rates.

The product was tested in 2009 and shown to dramatically reduce stunting and anemia. Other research in the micronutrient area continues to show great gains by giving children these most basic elements.

There are approximately 195 million children who suffer from stunting, and that’s our target for the Nutrilite Little Bits program. Amway Business Owners in Mexico can sponsor a child’s nutrition for six months with 555 pesos.

Plans are already underway to introduce the program to several more countries this year, and continue to offer the opportunity to the 3 million Amway distributors and employees around the world.


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