Amway on food security panel discussion in DC

Jun 16, 2011

According to Sheila Nix from the ONE Campaign, sometimes policymakers have to see the situation on the ground to wrap their minds around 1 billion suffering from hunger around the world.

Nix kicked off a Food Security Forum hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce – Business Civic Leadership Center. Debb Kalmbach from our Global Corporate Citizenship team at Amway participated in the panel discussion to talk about “Hidden Hunger” for children lacking micronutrients. This was our first public introduction of the Nutrilite Little Bits program.


Debb talked about companies identifying an issue that they have an expertise in, then bringing people and resources to bear to make a difference.  On the panel were representatives from USAID, Wal-Mart International Trade and the World Food Programme.

Richard Leach from the World Food Programme talked about this incredible moment when there is collective agreement on all sectors as to what to do around food security, including interventions related to agriculture and nutrition. He also says the private sector is key to global development. 

We are excited to see Amway with a role to play in this global discussion.

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