A Network of Caring

Jul 01, 2011

“The greatest pleasure comes not from the endless acquisition of material things but from creating wealth and giving it away.”

This quote from Amway co-founder Jay Van Andel rings true for Jim and Nancy Dornan, Amway Founders Crown Ambassador-level Independent Business Owners (IBOs) based in the United States.Network of Caring

The Dornans have consistently supported causes as they have built a successful Amway business that stretches across the globe. To provide a formal outlet for their generosity, and those IBOs in their network, the Dornans established Network of Caring, a nonprofit organization based in Georgia.

Network of Caring activities include everything from the sponsorship of thousands of children each year through World Vision, to building orphanages in India, to helping deaf children in China, to delivering free wheelchairs to more than 2,500 individuals across several countries.

This begs the question … what would you do if you had the means to support children on a global scale?

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