A special chess tournament

Jul 08, 2011

To encourage greater participation in competitive sports and activities by the visually challenged, the Amway Opportunity Foundation and its partner, the Devnar Foundation for the Blind, organized a five-day chess tournament in Hyderabad.

Approximately 100 visually challenged players from across India participated in the 34th National Chess Championship.

All participants were awarded with certificates, and winners received special recognition and prizes. Winners will also advance to international competitions representing India.

The event was honored by participation of senior members of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Amway Business Owner leaders.

You can read more about how the game is modified for the visually impaired in an article in The Hindu.

Thanks to Raj Narain for sharing this story.

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    • Frank Castillo says:

      I love to play Chess and i always want to be affiliated with Amway but it’s difficult to do online. Can you please help do this?
      thank you in advance.\
      att. Frank Castillo

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