Hunting for clues while helping a cause

Jul 20, 2011

Ten teams of adults running around the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan in matching t-shirts and medical gear could hardly go unnoticed.

This was the second Grid70 Scavenger Hunt, where 25 Amway employees volunteered to raise money for the Heart of West Michigan United Way, a nonprofit organization that strives to “create opportunities for a good life for everyone in the community through giving, advocating, and volunteering.

The all-day event included a scavenger hunt and after party, complete with a silent auction of products donated by local companies. Scavenger hunt initiatives included digging blindfolded in a mud bucket to find cockroaches (plastic ones, of course), carrying an egg baby and capturing photographs of all completed tasks.

Throughout the action-packed event, the teams proved that fundraising doesn’t always have to be bowties and speeches.

Thanks to Jency Schnettler (on the far left of the photo) for sharing this story.


    • peter alcaraz says:

      I sure hope we can join this excitement down here in mexico soon. I would like to take part in this scavenger hunt and support a fundraiser at the same time. It sure does sound like fun.

    • hwanhea says:

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