Nutrition of a different flavor

Jul 22, 2011

From guest blogger Rowley Luo of Amway China:

How does steamed soybeans and rice taste for three meals a day, 365 days a year?

Boarding school students in DuAn, Guangxi Province in China have the same meal every day because kitchen facilities are unaffordable in the school.

This is a snapshot of the malnutrition situation for children of migrant families in rural China. The Chinese government provides food subsidies to children in these areas, but it is far from enough.

The Amway Charity Foundation (ACF) recently announced the Spring Sprout Nutrition Project to help with child malnutrition in rural China. It will spend $7.7 million in the next three years to build 1,000 “Nutrition kitchens” and train 1,000 nutritionists in boarding schools across ten provinces. Approximately 500,000 children will be impacted.

“It’s not just a meal that matters,” says Eva Cheng, Chair of ACF, “but the physical and intellectual development of the next generation.”

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