Rebuilding a village with a flock of sheep

Jul 22, 2011

Singlar village is located in the foot of Mt. Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia. Late last year, its peaceful life was disrupted by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Merapi. Many homes and lives were lost.

Even though nature has slowly healed itself, the economic activities have not returned because hundreds of acres of farmland were destroyed. When a group of Amway employees and distributors visited Singlar village, they asked, ”How can we make a difference when the needs are so great?”

Through its foundation, Yayasan Amway Peduli, Amway presented nearly 150 flocks of sheep to the leader of Singlar village. These flocks were given to more than 220 households to raise, breed and hopefully increase the size of the flock.

Amway worked with the local government to provide lessons and rewards that encourage the villagers to make a profit and earn money from the flock.


Through animal husbandry, we hope to create a brighter economic future. Amway Indonesia General Manager Koen Verheyen said, “Making a difference to a community is more than just writing a check. We want to help the people of Singlar rebuild a prosperous village for themselves.”

Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen and Riana Nurwulan for sharing this story.

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