A One-Person Guide to CSR

Aug 01, 2011

So you are a new entrepreneur. Maybe it’s a web service. Maybe it’s a flower shop. Maybe it’s an Amway business.

You are making critical decisions about how your business will operate and what you stand for. Not just your product or service, but how it will be delivered.

Is it too early to think about corporate social responsibility?

Of course not. But with most CSR strategies and studies focused on large companies, there have not been many tools to help.

Our colleagues in Austria recognized this need and partnered with local business councils and business chamber’s to develop a guide to help small business owners.

It’s called A Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility for One-Person Enterprises, and was created by respACT - the Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development, and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, sponsored by Amway. 

The guide defines Corporate Social Responsibility and the benefits to small businesses. It outlines five steps for an entrepreneur to evaluate his or her organization and establish CSR objectives.

While this was written for a European audience, the principles are relevant to those with Amway or other businesses around the world.

To dowload the report, click here and find a link at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to Karin Schmid and Gudrun-Johanna Korec-Neszmerak for sharing this story.

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