Ugoy ng Duvan: the mother-daughter bond

Aug 03, 2011

A healthy family starts with healthy relationships – like the bond of a mother and her daughter. It’s a special relationship where beauty and wellness are intertwined.

Amway is working with partners in the Philippines to celebrate and enhance this special mother-daughter relationship through the first Mother-Daughter Pageant held this summer.

Tin and China were named winners as they performed an interpretation of Ugoy ng Duyan, Filipino’s traditional song about daughters’ devotion to their mothers.

This is part of a broader Family Health Summit, a campaign launched by Amway Philippines to promote healthy lifestyles across the country.

“We want Filipino families to be reminded that being healthy is both a food and a lifestyle choice,” said Leni Olmedo, Director for Marketing and Business Relations, Amway Philippines. “Each member of the family must support one another to think of fun ways to be active and use it as an opportunity to bond with your family.”

Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen for sharing this story.

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