Focusing on play

Aug 08, 2011

Some kids just need to play. And thanks to the Society of Education and Rehabilitation (SER) in Puerto Rico, some special children can do just that.

Opened in 1950, the SER is focused on the rehabilitation and education of thousands of special needs students in Puerto Rico. SER is an affiliate of Easter Seals, a longtime partner of Amway in the US and Canada.

The majority of SER donations come directly from individual and private contributors and are used to help students with disabilities receive emotional and physical support so that things such as studying and playing can become easier daily tasks.

Amway Puerto Rico kicked off a new partnership with SER with a $20,000 donation, and they hope to raise an equal amount from Amway Independent Business Owners by the end of the year.

A new donation option on the ordering website will facilitate fundraising, and special events and promotions will continue the momentum for SER.

With the support of Amway and its IBOs in Puerto Rico, more and more children will lead more active lives, leaving more time for the important things … like playing.

Thanks to Ruben Familia for sharing this story and Samantha Bourque for writing.

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