Go big or go small?

Aug 10, 2011

Is it best to make a small impact on a large number of children in need, or a large impact on a smaller number?

In Japan, we are trying both.

For several years, Amway Japan has taken a bold stance on preventing child abuse through its Amway One by One efforts. Amway leaders acknowledged the rising cases of abuse and neglect, and the need for more champions to shed light on what is often a taboo topic.

The Orange Project was launched as a way to raise awareness and prevent cases of child abuse. In 2009, Amway wrapped its building in Shibuya with an orange ribbon, and last year Amway distributors made more than 100,000 orange ribbons that Amway matched with donations to organizations that provide training, therapy and shelters.

Those are the broad-scale efforts.

This week, Amway announced a new partnership that will have a profound impact on a few children who have been separated from their parents because of abuse.

In partnership with Crop Minori, which works with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Amway is supporting the Crop House, a foster care home where three or more staff members live with five to six children, and raise them as a family.

Crop Minori has more than ten years of experience working with abused children in residential care. The Crop House will provide a safe home environment with a strong team of child protection experts and therapists.

For large issues like child abuse, there is not one solution. We need large and small scale interventions to give children the future they deserve.

Thanks to Kafuu Toh, Hideya Tateno and Takashi Aoki for sharing this exciting new program. 

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