Finding common ground

Aug 17, 2011

Many mothers find it challenging to share common interests and communicate with their grow-up children.

But Lily Ma from Hong Kong has found her own way to establish a friendly and close relationship with her daughter, Quvan.

Lily is an Amway distributor who joined as an Amway Caring Ambassador (Amway’s volunteer team) in 2006. She invited Quvan to join her for a project that offers care and guidance to children suffering from psychological and emotional challenges. Soon, the mother and daughter found that they had a shared interest … in bringing happiness to others.

Quvan recalled, “We had little time to spend together before, because both of us were busy with our own lives. Volunteer activities brought us together and I learned a lot from my mother.”

According to Lily, “Participating volunteer activities makes me feel younger. The shared experience brings the two of us closer, as we have more in common.”

Since 2010, Amway distributors have volunteered more than 33,000 hours for scores of activities organized by Amway Hong Kong. Their passion has rubbed off on their children, and many youngsters now joined their parents.

One by one, we make a difference of others, but for ourselves as well.

Thank you to Rowley Luo for submitting this story.

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