Dolphin therapy

Aug 24, 2011

For some, swimming with dolphins is a tourist attraction, but for some students in Japan, it has become an important part of growing up.

Amway suppors a program that brings 40 high school students from a Tokyo foster home to a southern island, a five-hour ship ride away from the mainland. There, the students spend four weeks engaging with the island and their surroundings.

Created for troubled students, this program helps build relationships, self-confidence, trust and independence. Through their time with the dolphins and their experiences on the island, the students are able to build relationships with each other and better understand.

While on the island, the students spend a majority of their time swimming with dolphins, exploring the island, and experiencing the scenery.

For these students, the experience is more than a vacation. It will shape their identity as they return to their schools, their homes, and their futures.

Thanks to Hideya Tateno for sharing this story.

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