A thirst for safe water

Aug 26, 2011

It’s a basic need and a basic right – safe, clean water.

Amway affiliates in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are partnering with global health agencies and our own R&D scientists to bring water solutions to those who need it, on both sides of the island.

The water treatment system being used is called Hydraid, an innovative filter with enhanced by technology provided by Amway and implemented through Safe Water Team and partners on the ground. The unit costs around $180 and provides up to 50 gallons of water per day without the need for water pressure or electricity.

In Haiti, Amway is providing safe water to the Orphanage Rose Mina de Diegue in Port Au Prince, serving 90 orphan children. The project was introduced by Marcelo Oehlenschläger, an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) who had been involved personally, before getting Amway involved.

In the Dominican Republic, Amway volunteers recently installed 35 Hydraid units in a small working community in the middle of a sugar cane field. During their last visit, volunteers planted flower trees and introduced a health and hygiene workshop and children’s activities for sugar cane field workers and their families. They broke through language and cultural barriers to form a bond with those they served. Many left barefoot, leaving their shoes behind as a final gift.

The community now has units in 60 homes, and Amway staff and IBOs are already making plans to return and cover the remaining 30 homes, so all will have access to the foundation of clean water.

Donations can be made on the Safe Water Team website. Thanks to Ruben Familia for sharing this story.


    • susie savage says:

      IBO in Johnson City Tn.Part of Herb Eplee Team.
      I would like information on how to get these systems delivered to Port-au Prince missionary and to the school and orphanage in Petit Goave. We will be there June 6th thru 18th. Would love to know someone in that area that can talk on a regular cell phone. Our missionary only gets 2 or 3 hours of electric per day and it costs $2.85 min to call him.
      any information on how to get water systems to the people would be great

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Hi Susie,

      We worked through Safe Water Team for this project. You can learn about their programs and technologies at http://www.safewaterteam.org. They also have contact information on their site. Thanks, and we wish you the best for a successful trip! – JH

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