The earth will take care of us

Sep 01, 2011

Peter Debus believes in Nutrilite farming methods.

As a supervisor at the Nutrilite Agricultural Research Farm in Lakeview, California, he makes sure our land is healthy, productive and in compliance with California Certified Organic Farming standards.  

Pete also believes that you are never too young to learn about the importance and benefits of practicing sustainable organic farming. For many years, he has volunteered his time teaching local students how to grow their own fruits and vegetables organically.

Working with teachers and parents, he helped to establish a garden where students grow plants from seeds. They also create gardens with native, drought-tolerant plants (It can be pretty hot and dry in Lakeview).

Recently, the Mead Valley Elementary School dedicated 10,000 square feet for gardening. Nutrilite helped with supplies, and Pete and other employees prepared the ground using Nutrilite sustainable farming methods.

They hope that within three years, the garden will turn into an outdoor classroom where students learn not just about gardening, but also math and science.

Pete enjoys talking about Nutrilite farms with visitors from all over the world including distributors, government officials, and journalists

Walking in the alfalfa field with his signature cowboy hat, Pete reflects on the work for Amway’s Nutrilite products, their work in the local communities.

He breaks it down to a simple concept: “If we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us.”

Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen for sharing this story.

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    • angela says:

      Hey Jesse Hertstein ..
      I recently began to obtain my green thumb.
      I adore my garden. It is so relaxing. I enjoy this hobby. =)

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