Antelope Crossing

Sep 06, 2011

“I held a sign on a road in the sun, alerting the coming vehicles to stop. In the blink of an eye, a group of Tibetan antelope jumped agilely across the Tibetan-Qinghai Road. When I turned back, I saw the leader of the antelope stop running and watch us for a moment, then led its army, disappearing into the valleys.”

This is cited from the diary of Christina, an Amway employee in China who participated in a volunteer trip to escort the Tibetan antelope on their annual migration to their breeding habitat.

The Tibetan antelope is a nearly extinct species animals living between 4,300 to 5,100 meter altitudes in the Tibetan Plateau. The construction of Tibetan-Qinghai Road helps the local economy, but inevitably interrupts the antelope migration route.

Every summer, female antelopes travel north to breed in Kekexili and then return to their original habitat. Amway volunteers work with staff of the Wildlife Protection Station to save the lost and handicapped antelopes, and also educate local residents and travelers on how to protect the animals and the environment.

Before returning from this unique volunteer trip, our employees donated Amway products to the Wildlife Protection Stations, making these wildlife workers the highest altitude Amway consumers in the world!


 Thanks to Rowley Luo for sharing this story.

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