The best taste in Zambia

Sep 09, 2011

From guest bloggers Angela Nelson and Jaida Vaught from the Amway Marketing team.

What’s the best taste in the world?

In this case … it’s no taste at all.

We’ve just returned from Zambia, working with a team to successfully launch Nutrilite Little Bits in its second market.  Nutrilite Little Bits is beginning to reach the world’s 195 million malnourished children, one by one.  These children don’t have access to fortified food which causes significant under-development and susceptibility to all sorts of negative health consequences.   

Nutrilite Little Bits is a packet of odorless, colorless, tasteless powder which can be mixed into whatever food children are already eating without changing texture, color or taste.  What it does do is provide the 15 essential vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) the World Health Organization has cited as critical to the healthy physical and mental development of each child. In our pilot study in Mexico, one packet per child per day show marked improvements in just six months:  Child stunting reduced by 40%, iron deficiency anemia reduced by 93%.  

We joined our partner,  the Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia, whose Milk and Medicine program provides a basic food supply for the children of over 175 families and maintains transit rescue homes for children who have been orphaned or abandoned. Generously supported by Amway South Africa, the Amway One by One Campaign for Children is providing a six month supply of Nutrilite Little Bits to all of these children. 

Now we all know we love our children.  But do we love ALL children? 

The families of Zambia love their children, as do mothers and fathers and grandparents all across the globe.  But they need a hand to provide the basics to their children.  

Today we were privileged to extend that hand, on behalf of the Amway family.

We wish you all could have been there!

Thanks for Christine Albertini for contributing to this post.

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      son las mejores producto q hay de mejor calidad

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