Small world, big needs

Sep 15, 2011

While our team was in Zambia last month to kick off the Nutrilite Little Bits program in Lusaka, we learned that Amway distributors were supporting another project just down the road in Khayelitsha.

A group of Amway Independent Business Owners under the US-based Network 21 organization were supporting the distribution of wheelchairs through Free Wheelchair Mission. Network of Caring, the giving arm of Network 21, has sponsored more than 2,500 wheelchairs for people in need around the world.

It just so happened that they were delivering wheelchairs in Zambia on the same day we were delivering Nutrilite Little Bits micronutrients for children.

The needs are great around the world, but when you start to lend a hand, you realize how small the world can be.

Thanks to RD Saunders and Liza Tappenden for sharing, and for the great work you are doing.

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