J.A. showing the way

Sep 20, 2011

Most college graduates have ambiguous feelings about leaving school and entering the “real world.”

That last year is stressful. Should I go to graduate school or find a job? Can I find a job? How?

Amway employees in China are helping to ease that transition by sharing their own personal experiences with students.

The talks cover job seeking techniques, career development plans, interview skills and even English learning tips.

From March to May, 30 employees visit universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu in partnership with Junior Achievement.

The partnership goes back to 2006, and includes a Job Shadow Day for high school students and a Composition Match for elementary students. More than 100 employees from Amway China have volunteered in many ways to help students prepare for their career development and Amway China President Audie Wong serves on the board of directors for Junior Achievement China.

Students don’t have to look at the future with fear or uncertainty. There are many who have gone before them, and are willing to show the way.

Thank you to Rowley Luo for sharing this story.


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