Great minds give alike

Sep 26, 2011

Four times each year, Amway employees gather to donate blood. We do this in every Amway location across the United States, with hundreds of employees participating.

While Amway blood drives have been going on since 1997, few people in the US realize that Amway distributors half a world away are doing the same thing.

Blood drives are a mainstay of Amway corporate citizenship programs in India, where distributors have held more than 400 blood donation drives over the years, collecting 40,000 units.

In one single day at a blood drive in Orissa, more than 830 people donated – the highest number of donors ever recorded there.

Blood is a crucial need across the world, used by hospitals to save lives and respond to crises. The average whole blood and red blood cell transfusion consists of about three donated pints.

So the next time we sign up to make a donation, we do so in the spirit of our colleagues on the other side of the world, helping people live better lives.

Thanks to Jency Schnettler and Raj Narain for contributing to this story. 

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