Volunteering: one employee story

Oct 05, 2011

In 2010, Amway employees in West Michigan contributed to more than 18,000 volunteer hours, thanks to people like Linda Howorth. 

Linda has travelled with the Amway Relief Team to help rebuild after natural disasters. She has built through KaBOOM. She helps to coordinate the United Way campaign for Amway.

Those are big projects that everyone sees. But what might fly under the radar is what Linda does on Thursday evenings.

She drives into the city to work with a group of teenagers who are looking for some very practical skills that may not be available in the school classroom, such as knitting, balancing a checkbook, CPR or photography.

While Linda might not be able to teach all of these skills, she knows where to find help. She arranged for cooking lessons by inviting the Amway cafeteria’s chef. She requested staff from the Amway Protection Services department to teach CPR.

Howorth is not just a Thursday night teacher, but also a mentor and advisor to her students. They seek her advice on dealing with the pressure of being teenagers or emotional problems at home.

And she expects them to help others as well.

Every five weeks, Linda takes her students to volunteer. At the beginning of this school year, they helped stuff backpacks with school supplies during the Stuff the Bus campaign and prepared lunches for Kids Food Basket.

She hopes that through volunteering, her students learn to think beyond themselves.

When asked about the experience, one of her students said, “It feels good to know that less fortunate children will have school supplies and have some lunches for the weekend.”

Linda Howorth follows that same feeling. She believes in the act of random kindness and finds joy in volunteering. And through those acts, she inspires us all.



Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen and Linda Howorth for sharing this story.

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