The critical function of play

Oct 12, 2011

“Someday, rather than measuring memorization as an indicator of progress, we will measure our children’s ability to manipulate (deconstruct and hack), morph (think flexibly and be tolerant of change), and move (think “with their hands” and play productively). Standardized aptitude tests will be replaced by our abilities to see (observe and imagine), sense (have empathy and intrinsic motivation), and stretch (think abstractly and systemically). We will advance our abilities to collaborate and create.”

This elaborate quote from Laura Seargeant Richardson in a recent issue of the Atlantic makes the simple point: PLAY IS IMPORTANT.

Providing access to safe, fun playspaces is one of the four key focus areas of the Amway One by One campaign.

Amway has enabled the building of more than two dozen play spaces in the US, RussiaUkraine, Germany and Korea over the years.

And this summer, Amway leaders partnered with local civic leaders in Poland to offer another new playground built by volunteers.

You can watch the 2:31 minute video below or click here to watch on YouTube.


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