Expecting more

Oct 31, 2011

Most of us have a stack of reading materials on our desk that we plan to get to someday. It usually consists of industry reports, news articles, academic studies or the latest self help book.

In skimming through my stack, I started leafing through the recent Corporate Responsibility Opportunity Study by Cone/Echo. The first chart shows what consumers think business SHOULD be doing:

  • 19% believe a company should just make money or play a limited role in society.
  • 50% said business should support larger issues with donations and time, or with donations, time and advocacy.
  • 31% claim that business should change the way they operate to align with greater social and environmental needs.

It seems – not surprisingly – that people expect more from business. So how is Amway meeting those expectations?

  • Amway does have a unique operating model that inspires business ownership, builds relationships and offers incredible products.
  • Amway does support larger issues with investments of donations, time and advocacy at the global and local level.
  • And for those who advocate a role focused on profits, Amway has proven strong performance even in difficult economic times.

Yes, there is much more to do, and we are excited to be pushing the expertise and energy of Amway to higher levels with initiatives  like Nutrilite Little Bits in Mexico, Positive Sprouts in the United States and the Amway Charity Foundation in China.

For those who think the business community needs to do more, Amway is up to the challenge.

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