Taking a Leap of Faith for Easter Seals Canada

Nov 09, 2011

One of the challenges for any fundraiser is that everywhere you look, there’s a worthy cause to support. Easter Seals Canada, in an attempt to stand out from the crowd decided to stand above the crowd.

Way, way, above.

The Easter Seals Drop Zone is a dynamic and exciting way for people to become everyday superheroes, raising a minimum of $1,500 in pledges for the right to rappel down one of Canada’s tallest buildings.

This year, there were 13 Drop Zone events in Canada. Amway Canada has been a proud sponsor of this event since its inception and employees and Independent Business Owners (IBOs) alike have embraced the cause as part of our One by One Campaign efforts. This year, IBOs and employees participated in seven of the 13 events across the country, raising over $25,000 – funds which support children and families dealing with disabilities, who are supported by Easter Seals.

That brings Amway’s seven year total to over $400,000 for all our Easter Seals fundraising efforts, which includes both Drop Zone and our on-line donation programs. The incredible efforts of the Canadian independent business owners who helped to raise those dollars were recognized this past June by the Canadian Direct Sellers Association when they presented Amway Canada with the industry’s Making a Difference Award.

This year marked the first time the Drop Zone was held in London, ON – Amway Canada’s home town. And Angela Abdallah, Amway Canada’s national marketing manager, was quick to throw her hat – and her cape – into the ring.

So what’s it like to rappel down One London Place? You can see for yourself – we’ve posted photos on the Amway Canada Facebook page both from the event and from the training. And we’ve also posted videos on the Amway Canada YouTube page, including a head-cam video that Angela created during her decent, which provides you with an incredible first-person view of what it’s like to rappel. And you can also view Alberta-based IBO Shaun Guthrie’s video of his rappelling efforts – and Guthrie was the top fund-raiser in his area.

“The hardest part is that first step off the roof. But a really deep breath and a thought or two about the kids who can’t take a step at all really helped to put it in perspective.” said Abdallah. “And when you’re greeted at the bottom by one of those kids, you know it was well worth the thrill of it – noodle legs and all!”

Each year, the Drop Zone gets bigger and better and we’re looking forward to even more support next year. Amway Canada and its IBOs will be there, taking that leap of faith for Easter Seals kids.

Thanks to Angela Abdallah and Jason Menard for sharing this story.

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    • Shaun says:

      This was an amazing experience and the second time I’ve done this rappel. I look forward to this each year and feel if we could get more IBO’s involved we could raise a TON of money for this very important organization.

      Thank you to Amway for your dedication to this cause and everything you do to support it. Thanks to all the other IBO’s out there who have taken part of have donated, that $25,000 this year will go a long way to helping enrich the lives of those in need. Keep it up and lets double that next year!

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