Stacking the apple

Nov 24, 2011

Our colleagues in California sent us this photo.

As part of the Season of Giving held each year at our Nutrilite offices in Buena Park, employees hold a food drive following their United Way campaign.

In order to make the volume of the food collection more obvious, employee Erika Nungary put together this structure after seeing displays of canned foods at a local mall.

The apple is a replica of one of the icons at the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health that represents education.

The apple design was a bit of a risk. Half of an apple doesn’t create quite the same effect.

However, once employees saw the stack of cans start to take shape, the donations came pouring in – in the form of tomato sauce, chili, soup, corn, peas and ravioli. At the end of the campaign, they were weighed in at 581 kilograms, or 1,278 pounds.

The food will be donated to Giving Children Hope, a local organization that helps underserved kids in California, as well as supporting kids in need around the globe.

Thanks to Lisa Rehnborg for sharing this story – and thanks to the generous Amway employees at our Nutrilite facilities in Buena Park, California.

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    • Marcia Ruybal says:

      Mostly I agree with what you are saying in addition your logic is so on point that a fifth grader would be able to understand it.

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