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Taking nutrition to scale

Thursday, 29 December, 2011


Warm meals. Warm smiles. Healthy bodies.

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of the Spring Sprout Project in China that will build 1,000 kitchens in rural schools over the next three years, and provide resources for feeding programs.

The Amway Charity Foundation now celebrates its milestone 300th kitchen, established in the Danfeng Primary School in Chongqing last month.

To date, 150,000 children in rural China are now benefiting from nutritious meals prepared in a new kitchen with a trained kitchen supervisor who has the necessary resources to keep children well fed. For students, the memory of having a cold, monotonous lunch in the wind begins to fade.

The celebration will not last long, as there are many more students in need and more kitchens to be built.

The Amway Charity Foundation is now working with the China Development Research Foundation to study this nutrition intervention and provide data for public policy decisions that can help alleviate child malnutrition.


Thanks to Rowely Luo for sharing this story.

A dance for the eyes, and the heart

Tuesday, 27 December, 2011

Earlier this month, some special artists in India demonstrated how vision doesn’t always come from the eyes. It comes from the heart.

On December 3, Amway held the second annual dance competition for the visually challenged in Ahmedabad.

More than 100 youth from 11 different institutions participated in one of the most memorable events sponsored by the Amway Opportunity Foundation.

Our partner, Andh Kanya Prakash Ahmedabad, hosted the event and handled all of the details, included food and lodging for all of the participants, and hosting of local dignitaries.

The performance was more than artistic expression. The dancers demonstrated the unlimited potential of each person, regardless of their physical abilities.

At the end of the event, the performance left the crowd inspired to continue to open doors to people of all abilities, and help unleash each person’s potential.









Thanks to Raj Narain for sharing this story.

Employee perspectives on “Being Santa”

Friday, 23 December, 2011

One of the difficulties in managing the Amway One by One blog is filtering through all of the great articles we receive. Sometimes you just have to set aside the schedule and publish the best stories. As we approach the Christmas holiday, following are timely stories from two employees involved in Santa’s Secret Workshop, a longtime program where employees create an opportunity for children in inner-city schools to get presents for their families for the holidays. We share these along with our best wishes for happy holidays to all. – JH


I watched as the kids started to come into the gift wrap room after visiting the Secret Santa Workshop to pick out presents for their families. The looks on their faces was an interesting thing to watch.

Some of the kids were so excited that they could barely contain themselves. Others were quiet and shy. Some were forthcoming in telling us that they already knew how to wrap. Others had never done it on their own before.

Many were more than happy to talk to everybody and would share things that I’m sure their parents would have been embarrassed to hear them say. At that age, there is nothing really embarrassing.

As one young boy, I would guess around 6 years old, wrapped his gifts with his helper, he looked down has he concentrated on his task. Every few minutes he would break into a big, wide grin that would turn into a dazzling smile.

This wouldn’t have been so interesting if he had been looking at someone, but he wasn’t. He was just pleased at what he was doing for his family.

– John Faye, Visitor Services Coordinator


Having the opportunity to lead Santa’s Secret Workshop allowed me to experience the event in a whole new way.

This was the first time for the event to take place at Burton Elementary School, and the amount of gratitude, smiles and compassion that came from the students and teachers was amazing.

After a flurry of activity, we wrapped up the day by handing over the money made from the event to the principal, Ana Aleman. I will never forget the look on her face. This strong, respected and committed principal stopped in her tracks and had a flow of tears streaming down her face.

It was a surprise to her that all of the money raised went straight back to the school. After a hug, she told us all that the funds would provide and how much it was truly needed.

In the end, I learned what this program stands for – a community coming together to make a positive impact.

Michelle Meulendyk, Project Coordinator

Flood relief in the Philippines

Thursday, 22 December, 2011


The year 2011 opened with an unusual number of disasters, and it looks like it will close with one more significant one.

Last weekend, Tropical Storm Washi brought heavy rains and flash floods across central and southern areas of the Philippines. Many of the areas are unaccustomed to being affected by seasonal weather.

At this time, the death toll is over 1,000 and many have evacuated their homes.

Our colleagues from Amway Philippines are reaching out the Red Cross, providing immediate donations and matching donations of Amway Independent Business Owners and employees who give through the Amway site.

Our hearts go out those affected.

Amway One by One in Vietnam on Facebook

Wednesday, 21 December, 2011

Amway Vietnam has launched the first Amway One by One Facebook page. And there are already many stories to tell.

More than 80 children recently received surgery for cleft palates and other facial deformities through Operation Smile, sponsored by Amway with the help of many volunteers.

See photos of the recent project at this link or watch a videos of the programs at this link.

Thanks to Ha Ha Dang Ngoc Thu for sharing this story.

A big year in Australia

Monday, 19 December, 2011

What a year for Amway Australia! We celebrated our 40th anniversary in Australia and kicked off an initiative to identify new Amway One by One partners.

This has been a culmination of years of investments in the lives of children and communities. Here is a recap video of all that goes on “down under.”


Thanks to Kevin Lowe for sharing this video.

Dugnad. Tatawa’a. Ubuntu.

Friday, 16 December, 2011

Earlier this week, the United Nations released its report titled, “State of the World’s Volunteerism: Universal Values for Global Well-being.”

While reading it, we learned some new definitions from around the world, including “dugnad,” which is the sense of community created among neighbors doing good works together in Norway; “ubuntu” which refers to caring for one another’s well being in southern Africa; and “tataw’a,” which means a volunteer act not required by religious obligation in Arabic.

The report is a study of the way volunteerism benefits both society as a whole, and the individuals who give of their time and talents. At Amway, we believe strongly in the principles outlined in the study and here are few highlights from our perspective:

▪ Volunteerism should be recognized as an essential component for the sustainable, equitable progress of communities and nations.

▪ The well-being of individuals is intrinsically linked to their contributions to the lives of others.

▪ Volunteering helps those at risk of lifelong poverty and social exclusion to gain opportunities and resources to help them participate fully in social, economic and cultural life.

▪ Volunteering reduces stress; combats feelings of loneliness and low self-worth; and employer-supported volunteering raises morale, increases job satisfaction, pride and positive feelings towards the company.

▪ Small-scale volunteer action often builds momentum and blossoms into national and international campaigns.

The links above are examples that weave together the Amway story of volunteering through the One by One Campaign for Children. Examples woven throughout the United Nations’ report include the Teach for India movement that mobilized 83,000 volunteers in three months; the growth and impact of volun-tourism; and how the country of Bhutan, which some consider the world’s happiest place, measures Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product.

And finally, although it was first said in 2000, it is just as applicable – if not moreso – today: “More than ever before, caring and sharing are a necessity, not just a charitable act.” At Amway, we do more than believe that. We live it.

I will study!

Wednesday, 14 December, 2011

We have heard how important brain development and learning are to preschool-age children, and how this learning sets the stage for success in school. Yet children with special needs require even more investment in these early years, not only for the children but for their families as well.  

On December 6, Amway helped inaugurate a new preschool in Mikhailovsk, in the Stavropol region of Russia, to serve 100 children with special needs, and their families. This is part of a new project called, “I will study!”  

The grand opening was attended with all proper fanfare, including gifts from Amway Independent Business Entrepreneurs, ribbon cutting by local dignitaries, demonstrations for parents and clowns for the children.  

One by one, a few children and their families will now get a jump start on learning.  







Thanks to Karin Schmid and Irina Platonova for sharing this story.  




Making the holidays happy

Monday, 12 December, 2011

If you caught the Today Show last week, you would’ve heard about an Amway donation of 4,500 toys for the holidays. Jori Hartwig, Vice President of Marketing for Amway North America, was invited to the Today Show to announce the donation, valued at more than $250,000.

Here’s the clip:

This is part of a broader coalition of direct selling companies that donate through the Today Show Foundation each year through the US Direct Selling Association.

Thanks to Marsha Champion for sharing this story.

The power of partnership feeds thousands

Friday, 9 December, 2011

We recently received a newsletter from an organization called Network of Caring, founded by Amway Independent Business Owners Jim and Nancy Dornan. As it speaks to the power of how a single donation can mobilize and duplicate, I’ve included the full excerpt.  -JH


With the partnership of 5 charitable organizations, Network of Caring (NOC) was able to feed 60,000 people for a month in drought-ridden Africa. Through our relationship with World Vision US and World Vision Australia, and with information about the United Nations’ ten-to-one matching food program (provided to us from NOC’s Australia office) a $50,000 donation was turned into a $550,000 miracle for Central Africa!

This is really what makes NOC unique. Because we believe so much in finding partnerships that have complimentary attributes, we tend to be able to do more than other charities simply because we always try to work with others. Teamwork still makes the dream work, even in the world of charity.

Because NOC has an office in Sydney that is connected to World Vision Australia, which is connected to the United Nations food program, we were able to give the $50,000 from the US to World Vision US, which sent it to World Vision Australia, which sent it to the food program, which turned it into $550,000 in food for the poor in Africa.

This is an example of what makes Network of caring unique…we leverage partnership to maximize impact.


Thanks to RD Saunders for sharing this great story.