The power of partnership feeds thousands

Dec 09, 2011

We recently received a newsletter from an organization called Network of Caring, founded by Amway Independent Business Owners Jim and Nancy Dornan. As it speaks to the power of how a single donation can mobilize and duplicate, I’ve included the full excerpt.  -JH


With the partnership of 5 charitable organizations, Network of Caring (NOC) was able to feed 60,000 people for a month in drought-ridden Africa. Through our relationship with World Vision US and World Vision Australia, and with information about the United Nations’ ten-to-one matching food program (provided to us from NOC’s Australia office) a $50,000 donation was turned into a $550,000 miracle for Central Africa!

This is really what makes NOC unique. Because we believe so much in finding partnerships that have complimentary attributes, we tend to be able to do more than other charities simply because we always try to work with others. Teamwork still makes the dream work, even in the world of charity.

Because NOC has an office in Sydney that is connected to World Vision Australia, which is connected to the United Nations food program, we were able to give the $50,000 from the US to World Vision US, which sent it to World Vision Australia, which sent it to the food program, which turned it into $550,000 in food for the poor in Africa.

This is an example of what makes Network of caring unique…we leverage partnership to maximize impact.


Thanks to RD Saunders for sharing this great story.

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