Making the holidays happy

Dec 12, 2011

If you caught the Today Show last week, you would’ve heard about an Amway donation of 4,500 toys for the holidays. Jori Hartwig, Vice President of Marketing for Amway North America, was invited to the Today Show to announce the donation, valued at more than $250,000.

Here’s the clip:

This is part of a broader coalition of direct selling companies that donate through the Today Show Foundation each year through the US Direct Selling Association.

Thanks to Marsha Champion for sharing this story.


    • Alyssa Taylor says:

      This is awesome. I’m so glad I work for a company who supports the community. I’m a member of a few organizations and I participate and support other organizations that help kids, specifically the teens who age out of the foster care system and become homeless. I would love to see Amway help out these kids in our communities too. I would love to set help set these volunteer opportunities or submit ideas. Amway One by One is great!

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Thanks for the note, and for all you do in your local community Alyssa!

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