I will study!

Dec 14, 2011

We have heard how important brain development and learning are to preschool-age children, and how this learning sets the stage for success in school. Yet children with special needs require even more investment in these early years, not only for the children but for their families as well.  

On December 6, Amway helped inaugurate a new preschool in Mikhailovsk, in the Stavropol region of Russia, to serve 100 children with special needs, and their families. This is part of a new project called, “I will study!”  

The grand opening was attended with all proper fanfare, including gifts from Amway Independent Business Entrepreneurs, ribbon cutting by local dignitaries, demonstrations for parents and clowns for the children.  

One by one, a few children and their families will now get a jump start on learning.  







Thanks to Karin Schmid and Irina Platonova for sharing this story.  




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    • claudia gomez says:

      Thanks God for all of you who made this miracle possible, this is part of our dream too,we ask God to let us help,but for now we are going to continue praying for all of you may God bless you and give you more and more success and money to help all his little angels.

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