Employee perspectives on “Being Santa”

Dec 23, 2011

One of the difficulties in managing the Amway One by One blog is filtering through all of the great articles we receive. Sometimes you just have to set aside the schedule and publish the best stories. As we approach the Christmas holiday, following are timely stories from two employees involved in Santa’s Secret Workshop, a longtime program where employees create an opportunity for children in inner-city schools to get presents for their families for the holidays. We share these along with our best wishes for happy holidays to all. – JH


I watched as the kids started to come into the gift wrap room after visiting the Secret Santa Workshop to pick out presents for their families. The looks on their faces was an interesting thing to watch.

Some of the kids were so excited that they could barely contain themselves. Others were quiet and shy. Some were forthcoming in telling us that they already knew how to wrap. Others had never done it on their own before.

Many were more than happy to talk to everybody and would share things that I’m sure their parents would have been embarrassed to hear them say. At that age, there is nothing really embarrassing.

As one young boy, I would guess around 6 years old, wrapped his gifts with his helper, he looked down has he concentrated on his task. Every few minutes he would break into a big, wide grin that would turn into a dazzling smile.

This wouldn’t have been so interesting if he had been looking at someone, but he wasn’t. He was just pleased at what he was doing for his family.

– John Faye, Visitor Services Coordinator


Having the opportunity to lead Santa’s Secret Workshop allowed me to experience the event in a whole new way.

This was the first time for the event to take place at Burton Elementary School, and the amount of gratitude, smiles and compassion that came from the students and teachers was amazing.

After a flurry of activity, we wrapped up the day by handing over the money made from the event to the principal, Ana Aleman. I will never forget the look on her face. This strong, respected and committed principal stopped in her tracks and had a flow of tears streaming down her face.

It was a surprise to her that all of the money raised went straight back to the school. After a hug, she told us all that the funds would provide and how much it was truly needed.

In the end, I learned what this program stands for – a community coming together to make a positive impact.

Michelle Meulendyk, Project Coordinator


    • Linda Conyers says:

      sound like something i want to help with. How do you find out?
      Linda Conyers

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Linda, we offer this volunteer opportunity to our employees every year. They can sign up on our volunteer website or through the weekly employee newsletter. Thanks for asking! JH

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