Clowning your way to recovery

Jan 09, 2012

Spending time in the hospital can be downright unpleasant for children, with unfamiliar people, uncomfortable procedures and nervous parents.

We’ve seen many programs focused on brightening the time children spend in hospitals to help speed their recovery. In Amway’s hometown, we’ve hosted special parties and delivered gifts to children and their families.  

In Indonesia and Singapore, we have redecorated children’s wards. In Russia, we have built playrooms in government hospitals. In Germany, we have funded and volunteered at special homes where families stay while their children are being cared for.

One new approach that we’ve seen cropping up in a few countries is the use of Clown Doctors. These decked-out hosts change the interactions with doctors from stressful to fun-filled.

Amway France hosted a “Heroes Race” with distributors and business owners this summer to support Association Theodora, an organization that sends clowns into hospitals to work with children. Through their efforts, more than 500 children will receive a very special visit.

Here is a video of the event:

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