A school bus continues the legacy

Jan 11, 2012

During our visit to Taiwan last month, we made an unscheduled stop.

The focus of our trip was the afterschool program supported by Holly Chen and Barry Chi, and many other Amway distributors in their network.

However, the president of National Taitung University couldn’t pass up the chance to catch one of his star students, in town for the day.

When she was only 15 years old, Holly Chen had left her small island town to travel to Taitung for college. This led to her first career as a teacher and her second–and last–career at Amway.

So when Holly was recently asked to help the University with transporting students between two campuses, she jumped at the opportunity.

The “Amway Plum Blossom” was donated in memory of Holly’s mother. The bus will continue the legacy of students improving their lives through education.

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