“Flying Books” reaching children in remote areas

Feb 27, 2012

In Thailand, the image of a bird released from a cage and flying away is considered a symbol of “merit making,” or granting freedom.

This image was the inspiration for a new program that supports childhood literacy.

Amway Thailand has been a longtime supporter of programs increase reading in children, from providing scholarships, to creating books for the visually impaired, to building school libraries in remote areas of the country where literacy levels are lowest.

In fact, the Amway for Thai Society Foundation learned that, on average, Thai children only read two books per year. The cause stems from a lack of available books.

A new initiative called The Flying Book hopes to elevate the issue, and get people involved in selecting the best books and “flying” them to children.

Through an iPhone application, website and Facebook page, anyone can vote on their favorite books.

Then, using the world’s first augmented reality and location-based book donation platform, they can follow their book in real time as it travels to the remote areas of Thailand.

Visit http://www.flyingbook.org/ or visit the Facebook page or download the app to take part in the journey.

Thanks to Laksana Jenananporn for sharing this story.


    • Misheck Nyika says:

      Any plan for a zimbabwean office.?

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Hi Misheck, no plans for an office in Zimbabwe just yet, but we do have two offices in South Africa. Thanks for asking! – JH

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