Creative programs call for creative structures

Mar 07, 2012

When designing a program that will truly make a difference, you have to think creatively. Often, the more partners you have, the more successful you will be.

Amway brought together many partners in South Korea to design the first scholarship program for underprivileged youth that provides creative, entrepreneurial job experiences for youth. It’s called the Green Frogs Creative Thinker Project.

Here’s the partnership chain:

  • The Haja Center (Seoul Youth Work Experience Center) will manage the program.
  •  Yonsei University will develop the education program and help to recruit volunteers.
  • The City of Seoul will work with the District Child Center to ensure the youth are getting the support they need.
  • Amway Korea is facilitating the public and private partnerships, building off longtime experience with support of Social Welfare Centers across South Korea.
  • Amway Independent Business Owners across South Korea helped to raise 1 billion Won (nearly $900,000 USD) to ensure the program is supported for 3 years.

To top off these efforts, the collaborative will host the nation’s first Child Creativity Forum in September to share what they have learned about creative education through this program.

It sounds complex, but with so many vested in a positive outcome for the children, we expect to see great success.


Thanks to Yong Bom Lee for sharing this story.

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