An update on rebuilding efforts in Haiti

Mar 26, 2012

It has been two years since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. At that time, Amway and its employees and distributors rose to the occasion with an outpouring of generosity for several causes, including the building of a new SOS Children’s Village Home. Following is an update from SOS on the recovery efforts.

Dear Jesse and All Amway Employees and IBOs,

Two years after the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, killing over 200,000 and deeply impacting the lives of nearly 10 million survivors, SOS Children’s Villages staff remain dedicated to helping build a stronger Haiti. The generosity of Amway employees and Amway IBOs has helped us to develop programs to improve the lives of thousands of Haitian children and families. This report provides an update on the impact of these programs.

You have, no doubt, read the sad reports about the 500,000+ people still living in tent camps rife with violence, about the thousands of children who do not attend school, and about basic infrastructure projects that have not yet begun. Now I want to share with you some positive news…news about SOS Children’s Villages in Haiti.

I recently visited the Port-au-Prince SOS Children’s Village known as Santo on the second anniversary of the earthquake. At SOS Santo, almost 200 children are growing-up in safe, happy, family homes nurtured by very dedicated SOS Mothers. The true affection shown for these children by their SOS Mothers reminded me how the SOS model, developed over 60 years, raises orphaned children to be secure, responsible adults who value family and work to strengthen their communities.

Again and again, I witnessed scenes that reminded me of my childhood and could have taken place in any neighborhood in the world. I saw mothers serving wonderful meals to their hungry children who had just returned from school. They encouraged the children to concentrate on homework and monitored chores like laundry and bedroom cleaning. In their free time, the boys and girls played soccer and tag and interacted like any other brothers and sisters.

Across Haiti, we are providing long-term, family-based homes to children with no biological family to care for them. We have two established SOS Children’s Villages in Port-au-Prince and in Cap Haitien in the north. A third Village will be constructed beginning this year in Les Cayes, with help from our friends from Amway. A fourth Village in Port-au-Prince is in the planning stages.

Thank you again for your support.

Lisa Vogt

SOS Children’s Villages – USA

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