A percussion of hands in Malaysia

Apr 04, 2012

Children in remote villages of Malaysia do not always have access to arts education, or even the opportunity to see large-scale musical performances.

Amway Malaysia is working with a musical troupe called Hands Percussion to offer the opportunity for those children to experience musical education, many for the first tiime.

Hands Percussion started the Balik Kampung (Homecoming) project three years ago as a way to support local communities. It is focused on teaching children about music and how to create musical instruments with recycled materials.

While successful, the Balik Kampung project was not able to scale up with outside help.

Amway Malaysia has committed to help meet that need by pledging RM270,000 ($86,000 USD) to bring music education to children in small towns, and also mobilize Amway distributor volunteers to help make the project successful. The partnership was announced to 3,000 cheering Amway distributors at a business meeting with top Amway leaders Leonard and Esther Kim.

The “Hands Percussion Balik Kampung with Amway” project will cover five states, culminating in a one-day event in Kuala Lumpur that will showcase the talents of children from 15 towns.

“For the past three years, we have been funding the project on our own and have covered ten locations,” said Eric Ch’ng, Co-Founder and Administrative Director of Hands Percussion Sdn Bhd. “This year, we are very happy that an organization like Amway is committed to helping us continue our project to bring the gift of music to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity.”


Photo of Eric Ch’ng receiving the Amway pledge from Amway Malaysia General Manager Paul Yee. Thanks to Joanne Yap for sharing this story.

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